Introduction to who you are?

My name is Laura-May Louw and I am the owner of the Pilates In Motion studio in Glenwood. I have been teaching Pilates classes since 2007 and love to share with others, the passion I have for Pilates. I have recently started teaching Booty Barre, which is a Ballet + Pilates + Dance fusion and the clients are just loving it.

When doing your research into a debit order facility, how did you come about knowing about Three Peaks

I originally met “Three Peaks” as a company during my time with BNI and months later when I wanted to look into implementing a Debit Order system into my business, I immediately thought of Three Peaks.

Why did you choose Three Peaks instead of other bureaus?

I had promised my business to Three Peaks and strangely enough, another friend with her own business said I should rather try a different company with cheaper rates. When I sent an email to Three Peaks, I immediately received a warm and very friendly phone call from Debbie Jones, the owner of Three Peaks chatting to me about the benefits of her company and why the best decision for my business would be to join Three Peaks. Yes, their fees are higher, but they continuously deliver on their service level promises and I am just so satisfied with the way their business is run.
I personally aspire to Debbie who is such an incredible business woman and person. And yet, still found the time to contact me (the end user) even though she runs several companies.  Debbie is never “too busy” to talk or communicate with her clients on a personal level. Debbie has even taken the time and respect to attend one of my Pilates classes J
What an incredible team of people. Phones are always answered immediately, staff are always so helpful and friendly. Nothing is ever “too much effort” for this team of employees.  It makes me feel so important being able to say I am associated with Three Peaks Management.

I have also moved my business and personal insurance over to Three Peaks Insurance – and I couldn’t be happier right now as I am saving just under R1500 on my premium per month.

Does Three Peaks add value to your business?

Three Peaks has given my business the professional edge I was looking for. Being a Pilates studio, I find that people did not take my business as seriously but when you take your business seriously and move over to Debit Orders, people start sitting up and seeing your business in a very different light.

My debit order values have improved by 488% since starting in August 2014 to date, May 2015. I still get the odd percentage of new clients reluctant to sign up on debit order, but after a bit of convincing, the most of them have signed the debit orders and are happy with the service. I have never had a customer complaint.

Would you be happy to refer Three Peaks to your clients?

Absolutely, a thousand times yes J