Introduction to who you are?

KNIGHT SECURITY SOLUTIONS (KSS) is an innovative security company aimed at providing the best quality and most technologically advanced services to our clients. KSS offers:

  • Alarm installations, upgrades and repairs
  • CCTV installations
  • 24/7 Standby technician
  • 24/7 monitoring Control Centre
  • 24/7 Armed Reaction
  • 24/7 Business and Estate Guarding
  • K9 Unit

When doing your research into a debit order facility, how did you find out about Three Peaks?

Our banking institute were unable to offer us the service that we required nor the debit order collection facility that was necessary for us at the time. Three Peaks loaded and facilitated the entire debit order run for KSS in 48 hours and literally “saved” our business.

Why did you choose Three Peaks instead of banks or other bureaus?

Three Peaks was a referral from a client who had only experienced professional and unequalled service in this industry. The referral was made at a crucial time and we had to trust that this was the solution we needed. We have never looked back. Three Peaks service and business management is superb and it is a pleasure to be associated with them. The personal touch also makes a huge difference. KSS are important to Three Peaks and that matters to us – we are not just a name and a number.

Does Three Peaks add value to your business?

Absolutely. The advice and business connections / referrals made through Three Peaks have added incredible value to our business. Three Peaks are proactive and I have had the opportunity of being involved in the Business Coaching offered at Three Peaks. I have grown and learnt so much as a person and about my business. Thank you J

Would you be happy to refer Three Peaks to your clients?

Absolutely. Our experience with Three Peaks has been amazing.