10 Tips on Restructuring your Business

By Apr 23, 2012Feb 5th, 2016Articles

Consider these 10 Tips on Restructuring your Business to ensure the effectiveness of implementing change;

1.   People – Make sure you have the right people or change is pointless

2.   Research – Seek out recognised systems for managing change and its implementation

3.   Strategy – Put an action plan together based on your research and your objectives (Be specific and be realistic)

4.   Budget – Put measures in place to account for up-front and on-going costs (Be accurate)

5.   A culture of urgency – Ensure that everyone understands the importance of momentum (Be time-bound)

6.   Walk the talk – If you expect change, you must adopt that change for yourself in simple steps that can be learned by others

7.   Accountable Leadership – Ensure that each leader is clear on their new responsibilities and is accountable to the team

8.   Incentivise – Outline what’s in it for the team and what’s in it for the company

9.   Resources – Provide adequate resources to fuel the momentum

10. Flexibility – Be prepared to adapt to unexpected change

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